The focus of Mitchell Englander’s Making Movies that Matter Youth Short Film Festival is self evident. With guidance and support from mentors, it is our hope that participating students will be inspired to choose subject matter that is personal, heartfelt and meaningful to them which will ultimately manifest itself in quality short films we will all be proud of.

In the spirit of social action and civic engagement, it is our goal that this project be the spark that ignites the passion in our participants and launches them toward a trajectory of finding a purpose and calling bigger than they could have imagined – a cause perhaps bigger than themselves.

For one it might be to take on issues such as bullying and the sometimes negative impact of social media; for another it might be to tell the story of an individual or group who is making a difference with others on a daily basis.

There is no question that changing the world is a daunting task. The truth is, youth are often an untapped source for creative change-making ideas. When these young change-agents have the support they need at every step of the process, we may be surprised with what they can accomplish—on their campuses, in their communities, and beyond.

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